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1N Phuntsholing | 1N Thimphu…

5 Days

Starting from : ₹30,628

2N Phuentsholing 2N Thimpu 1N…

1 Week

Starting from : ₹15,800

Go on a culture trip to Bhutan!


Bhutan, the royal and culturally rich country is a destination must be explored once in a lifetime. Without traveling to Bhutan, a travel list is incomplete. It is one of the destinations where travelers can experience royalty, spirituality, and nature, and will want to go again and again. This tiny nation in East Asia is situated in Himalayan range, blessing it with awestruck Himalayan views and is surrounded by India, China, Nepal, Bangladesh, and Myanmar, making it a place must visit. Fondly known as “the Land of Happiness”, Bhutan is a vibrant, mesmerizing, and colorful country to visit. Explore the majestic land of Bhutan with Bhutan tour packages where you can save more on traveling.

Once in a lifetime we must do something for ourselves and fulfill the desire that was buried deep down. When all of the life of senior citizen had been spent fulfilling the responsibilities and desires of other, why the same should go further? Be it about comfort or the budget, Bhutan will be easy on both. Traveling to Bhutan is easier than someone has ever thought. Not just on a budget, but on everything, when you choose to travel from India, the entry is free; all you need is a valid passport with the minimum validity of 6-months. Another thing that you need to keep on mind is when to visit Bhutan. The best months to visit this extremely beautiful country are April, May, September, and October when the weather is light.

Senior tour package for Bhutan is one of the best ways to travel and explore the culturally rich country. The tour packages offered by Trip Charlie assure that elderly folks of the family will travel in comfort and luxury throughout the tour. The travel expert at Trip Charlie promises to create the best Bhutan itinerary where comfort, luxury, and, ease are under one tour package. We understand the concern of our customers and curate well-planned Bhutan tour packages for senior citizens where all the major tourist destination and activities to do in Bhutan are included. The travel packages offered by Trip Charlie aren’t just accessible at a cheap price but when you choose them as a next travel partner, you choose to save more on your next trip.

Travel Packages for Bhutan will allow you to dive into the Buddhist culture that is being preserved for future. It is the country where people believe in bringing peace in the lives of themselves and other. Paro Taktsang or Tiger Nest, Phuentsholing, Punakha, Tashichho Dzong, and Phobjika valley are the few places added in Bhutan tour packages. From accommodation to transport to places to visit and activities to do, everything is added in the tour packages, so that travelers get the best of Bhutan at cheap prices.

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