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8% Off

06 night in Luxury Hotel

1 Week

Starting from : ₹52,899 ₹48,599

9% Off

03N Singapore | 02N Kuala…

2 Weeks

Starting from : ₹65,000 ₹59,000

Travelers don’t break your bank account enjoy the luxury vacation

Whether it is Europe that you want to travel or Russia or Maldives or any part of the world, a luxurious journey to our dream destination is what we think of. After all, luxury is something that we all want in our lives and we all choose some or the other way to enjoy the best of it. A luxury vacation is one of those ways, but sometimes our pocket doesn’t allow us to fulfill the desire of taking luxury tours. This is the time when luxury tour packages come to our rescue and lets us to get what the heart has desired!

The luxury holiday packages at Trip Charlie are curated to provide the utmost comfort to you and assure that you don’t face any hassle during the journey. Our hardworking travel managers make sure to get in touch with you to create the best luxury travel itinerary and treat you personally to provide the personalized services during your luxury vacation. When you choose us to create a perfect vacation for you, you don’t need to worry about anything; from accommodation in a luxury hotel or resort to journey to the tourist places to visit, we sort everything. Also, you get an opportunity to create a cheap luxury holiday packages with us.

Like most travel packages, luxury travel packages also include the famous tourist destinations of the foreign, accommodations, and everything you want to pamper yourself on an international vacation. When you book your luxury vacation at foreign places with us, we assure you get it at the best price.They say, for an average-earning person, a luxury tour is like a dream, but we believe in fulfilling your dream. So, Trip Charlie brings the best deals on international luxury tours from India and makes your itinerary exactly the way you want it to be. Not just best deals on a luxurious world tour but our professionals make sure you create some lifetime memories and get experiences like no one else.

While creating a tour for you, we ensure you keep your need on priority, and during your sojourn, you treat yourself with a real comfortable vacation in some high-end accommodation without burning a hole in your pocket. With the distinctive travel packages for various destinations available to us, you can fill your holiday with memories that you’ll cherish a lifetime. Our luxury travel packages cover up the destination worldwide and you can vacation around the world as per your choice, need, and budget.

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