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Vietnam an Underrated honeymoon place waiting to be explored

While searching for the picture-perfect honeymoon destinations, you might be thinking what Vietnam is doing on the list of honeymoon destinations in Southeast Asia. Well, if this is so, then you have underestimated this beautiful country which is filled with some of the best beaches in Asia. Vietnam is just not-so-popular honeymoon destination, but it surely is a pure bliss for those who want to lose themselves in taste, beauty, and adventure, be it a traveller, adventurer, or a honeymooner. In the past few years, Vietnam has gained popularity in terms of travel destinations in Southeast Asia.

Vietnam is a country blessed with striking landscapes where you can find from pristine beaches to forested beaches to lush rice terraces to picture-perfect valleys. It has everything that a honeymoon destination must have; colonial structures to experience the charm of the old world, savory cuisine, scenic beauty, colourful culture, and everything that will surely let you have an unforgettable and best honeymoon memories. Whether couples are looking for a private dinner in caves or get high in the nightlife of the bustling cities or explore the UNESCO world heritage sites; they’ll get everything here. Well, the most happening thing about Vietnam honeymoon packages is that they’ll not burn a hole in your pocket in order to satiate your longings for an exotic honeymoon because Vietnam is an inexpensive destination.

Vietnam has so much to offer to you; filled with honeymoon places, it will speak the opulence and sophistication and adventure. Ho Chi Ming, Nha Trang, Sapa, Hanoi are few of the honeymoon destinations in Vietnam. Whether you want to binge of savory cuisine in the cave in Ha Long Bay or a lazy day at cruise in Mekong river or the adventure activities like rock climbing or rappelling is your perfect date idea or your heart is desiring to explore the underwater world in Nha Trang, all of these would surely add a spice in your romance and will make the cost of Vietnam Honeymoon packages worthy.

Trust us, Vietnam honeymoon holiday will give you some unforgettable memories of candlelight dinner on white pristine beaches, enjoying adventure sports in Dalat, a dip in the water of Love Fountain, climbing the Heaven Gate, riding a swan-shaped paddle boat, cycling together around rice fields, exploring beautiful corals together, jungle hikes in Phu Quoc, private dinners in caves of Halong Bay, and the list goes on. Tell us; where else you’ll get a chance of eating inside a cave or dipping in Love Fountain water, nowhere. So, without any second thought choose Vietnam as your honeymoon destination and choose Trip Charlie for an exciting Honeymoon Tour Packages.

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