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3N Murchison Falls Trip &…

4 Days

Starting from : ₹68,000

5N Uganda Safari & Gorillas

6 Days

Starting from : ₹89,000

Discover Stunning Wildlife in Uganda with Uganda Tour Packages


Uganda, the pearl of Africa, is located in an Eastern Africa. It is a country that is blessed with rich wildlife and well-developed tourist infrastructures. Be it a wildlife enthusiast or nature lover, it will surprise everyone with the plenty of things offered there. This small country with spring-like weather all over a year is a real treat for African travelers and African tours. For sure it is small in size but packs a lot of things in its small size. Uganda tour is considered one of the main trips in Africa tours. Although, Uganda tour will not seem like a burden to your bank account as the currency rate is low in comparison with Indian currency, still Uganda tour packages give you an opportunity to save more on your next vacation.

With a tapestry of scenic views, stunning wildlife scenes, friendly locals, and a home to Africa’s tallest mountain range, the origin of the river Nile that is the longest river in the world and the largest lake of the continent. The Nile river is a hotspot for adventure junkies as it offers a world-class adrenaline rush, whereas tracking mountain gorillas in their habitat is another once in a lifetime that you can get in Uganda vacations.

Uganda is rich in wildlife where chimpanzee, mountain gorillas, rare golden monkeys, hippos, lions, leopards, and more than 1000 species of birds which is more than 10 percent of the world’s species can be found in this compact country. It is a perfect family holiday destination and a holiday spot for those who like to explore in a tropical climate. Uganda still is a tribal nation which lets the travelers know new music, dress, and dance almost at every one hour while traveling this small country. The Mountain of the Moon, Rwenzori Mountains forms an impenetrable chain along the western edge of Uganda. These snow, clouds, and fog capped mountain range is a must visit tourist destination in Uganda, where you can walk in the foothills in lush vegetation and discover thriving villages that lets you know the country well. Gorilla tracking, Murchison Falls, Uganda safari in Ziwa Sanctuary, Pygmy tours are few of the things to do in Uganda. Chimp tracking is another underrated activity to do in Uganda which you may add in your Uganda tour packages.

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