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2N Yangon | 1N Bagan…

5 Days

Starting from : ₹80,104

With Myanmar Travel Packages Let Yourself Soaked In a Daintiness of Myanmar

Myanmar is about century-old stupa, faith, and traditional practices. We know that the country has recently opened its doors to tourists and both the locals and the tourists together are doing their job to make it a place good to travel. It is one of the traditional, magical, and untouched by tourism place in the world. It is the most enchanted place on the earth but still undiscovered. The land of breath-taking natural beauty, magnificent old-stupas, charm, and traditions that are soaked in the fascinating history of the place! The Myanmar tour will reveal few most charming historical places in the world. Scenic landscapes with pagodas, throng nightlife, white-sand beaches, historical sites; this undiscovered country have everything that you want to look in your Myanmar vacation.

Myanmar is no longer an inexpensive travel destination as the growth in tourism has led to a hike in Myanmar tour packages. Also, the rates for accommodation, travel, and food in a few cities are higher than the other. But, the country is expensive only if you choose to explore it in that way. Instead of staying in a high-end hotel and eating in a restaurant, one can prefer to eat street food which is delicious and cheap, and stay in a budget hotel. Another way to make a plan your Myanmar in a budget is to rely on Myanmar travel packages offered by Trip Charlie. These packages are carefully assorted by travel experts and can be altered as per the demands of the client. When you choose to travel with Trip Charlie, you are not supposed to worry about anything; we assure you that your trip will be a success and you’ll enjoy the fullest in your next vacation.

Myanmar is not so famous travel destination and very few people know where to go to Myanmar to get the best out of it. Whether you like landscapes, exotic white-sand beaches, or throng of night-life; Myanmar has everything that makes it unique. It is a must visit destinations for those who like Buddha and beaches. Bagan, Shwemawdaw Paya, Shwemawdaw Monastery, Ngapali, Ayeyarwady River Cruise, Golden Rock, Mrauk U, Taung Kalat, and Inle Lake are few Myanmar tourist attractions that shouldn’t be missed.Take a historical tour of Yangon, dive in Myeik Archipelago, visit temples of Bagan, Shwedagon Pagoda, walk-in Saddan Cave, ride in a hot air balloon, U Bein Bridge, trek in Kalaw are the few things to do in Myanmar. When you plan your trip and book Myanmar tour packages, these things to do and places to visit are added in the itinerary to make it wonderful.

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