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4N Jordan's Highlights

5 Days

Starting from : ₹33,800

5N Kingdom of Jordan

6 Days

Starting from : ₹38,900

Take a Tranquil Tour to Jordan with Jordan Travel Packages


Jordan, a place that will take you to solitude and remind you of history! It is visited by tourists from every corner of the world for its nature reserves, historical monuments, Roman ruins, and seaside resorts. If you are an archaeological admirer than this travel destination must be on your bucket list because of a trip to Jordan with introducing you with many archaeological sites and ruins to remind you of the past. Jordan holiday packages are the best to explore the tranquillity of the city. Jordan is filled with many tourist spots. Here is a list of few places to visit in Jordan that are included in Jordan tour packages

Wadi Rum: Known as the Moon of the Valley, Wadi Rum is an isolated area of Jordan and one of the most famous national parks in Jordan. If you want to enjoy a stunning glimpse of dessert, then a visit to this desert valley is much needed. At Wadi Rum, you can opt for desert camp if your budget and time allow you to. The desert camp while visiting Wadi Rum is like a cherry on the cake. It will let you sleep under the sky with a blanket of stars; it surely is a once in a lifetime experience.

Petra: Petra is a great ancient city that was declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in the year 1985. It is voted as one of the New Seven Wonders of the World by popular ballot in 2007.  The ancient Nabataean city is the jewel of the crown amongst the many antiques of the country. It is another archaeological site in Jordan where travelers can see structure carved into stones, El-Deir monastery and 4000-seat amphitheater; these have helped Petra to earn fame.

Jerash: Jerash is the largest and most stunning Roman site in Jordan that attracts many tourists. The Roman ruined city of Jerash imposes ceremonial gates, temples, colonnaded avenues, and theatres that are said to be an important imperial center well-preserved Roman architecture outside of Italy. At the first sight, it may seem daunting to you, but is a must visit place for archaeology admirers that hardly take more than half a day to explore the ruined city of Jerash. Hippodrome, Nymphaeum, Hadrian’s Arch, Jerash Archaeological Museum, and Temple of Artemis are some of the best places to visit in Jerash. Just don’t forget to keep your hat, sunscreen, and sunglasses if you’re traveling it in summer.

The Dead Sea, Crusader Castles, Biblical History, Madaba’s Mosaics, Wadi Mujib, Shaumari Wildlife Reserve, King’s Highway, and Amman are the few other tourist places in Jordan included in customized travel packages for Jordan from India. One cannot miss these Jordan destinations due to any reason. These packages allow you to enjoy the activities such as exploring Desert Castles and diving in the Red Sea.

Travel packages offered by Trip Charlie include accommodation, inter-state transfer, places to visit in Jordan, activities to do, and almost everything to make your trip comfortable and worthy. We offer customized tour packages for Jordanto provide the travel packages as per customer’s requirement.

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