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Best 8 Places to Visit in South Africa

Best 8 Places to Visit in South Africa

South Africa is one of the most wonderful tour places that will offer you the best of everything. Find the most magical escapes while you are in this gorgeous land that offers the best of adventures and provides many thrilling activities that will totally make your day.

Best places to visit in South Africa

Ostrich farm oudtshoorn: For a date with the ostriches!

Oudtshoorn happens to be the capital of the ostrich industry; one needs to pay a visit to the Safari Ostrich Farm and get to know how ostriches are bred as well as one would also get to know how the ostrich products happen to be marketed and fashioned such as you would already know that the skin of ostrich is later turned into handbags and shoes as well as the eggshells that are of ostrich eggs are used for decorative purposes, the meat of Ostrich is also always high on demand as this meat is also popular, as one can find lean meat that is  high on protein. This place is great for an excursion with the family as the kids can sit on one of the wide-eyed birds as well as hold an ostrich egg in their arms!

Cape Point Nature Reserve: The wonders of a natural reserve!

Cape Point Nature Reserve is one of the best places to visit in Africa that is on the tip of the Cape Peninsula and is a gorgeous nature reserve which is in the Table Mountain National Park. Get the best of South Africa tour packages from India. Cape Point Nature Reserve was earlier named as ‘Cape of Storms’ that was a name given by the navigator Bartolomeu Dias, this tourist attraction also has an 1859 lighthouse. One can easily board a three-minute Flying Dutchman funicular ride that can make you reach Cape Point Nature Reserve. This wonderful site is 87 meters above sea level. A totally wonderful retreat of nature, this one has the best of flora and fauna, find more than 250 species of birds, buck as well as baboons. Other than that, one can also visit a world-class restaurant and a curio shop being in Cape Point Nature Reserve.

Penguin colony at Boulders Beach: meet the adorable creatures

Penguins are the most adorable beings that one could ever find. This Boulders Beach happens to be near the Simon’s Town in the False Bay and is famous for the resident penguin colony as well as the gorgeous and serene white sand beaches. Housing more than 3,000 African penguins, Boulders beach has the Foxy Beach boardwalk that offers some beautiful views. This is going to be a great family experience as the kids will enjoy getting closer to the penguins, as well as there are many more birds and small mammals as well as many dolphins and whales as well.

Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park: a wildlife preserve for a great time

Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park happens to be a really vast and popular wildlife preserve which is based in the Kalahari Desert region that is in Botswana and South Africa. Find the most enchanting red dunes and dry rivers in Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park. There are some impeccable wildlife that can be spotted here such as migrating herds of wildebeest and springbok, raptors, black-maned Kalahari lions on South Africa travel packages. Other than that, one can enjoy a lot of lodges and wilderness camps that provide game-viewing drives and guided walks along with park rangers.

Elands River Falls: One of the highest waterfalls of Africa

Elands River Falls happen to be one of the highest waterfalls in Mpumalanga that is based in one of the most popular rock climbing spots of South Africa. Enjoy the best of South Africa holidays with Trip Charlie. This is one of the most scenic sites that is totally captivating and worth taking pictures of these cascading falls. One can reach to the observation platform through the old ZAZM tunnel and enjoy some of the most splendid sights enough to take your heart away.

Mpumalanga: The paradise country

Mpumalanga was once known by the name of Eastern Transvaal and is marked by some beautiful landscapes, rich fauna and flora and some highly intriguing legends. Once famous by the name of “Paradise Country” that is one of the Best Places in South Africa, this one will blow your mind with its extra ordinary beauty. Find the best views of mountains, waterfalls, rivers, and valleys etc that are a treat to watch. Also, one can visit the Kruger National Park for good time and enjoy activities like hiking, bird-watching, fishing, horse-riding etc.

Cango Caves: The most famous place in South Africa

Cango caves happen to be the oldest yet the most favorite tourist hotspots of all times. One can choose from the two available tours at these caves. The former being a standard tour in which one can simply walk around the caves and witness cave formations and the second is the adventure tour that will take you across the narrow pathways that are about 26 cm away from each other.

Addo Elephant National Park : Meet the elephants

Addo Elephant National Park is one beautiful escape that is 72km away from Port Elizabeth, this national park was established in 1931 and its motto was just to save 11 Elephants who were almost on the brink of extinction, now this one successfully houses more than 350 elephants, 280 Cape Buffaloes, Antelope species, black Rhino, etc. One can try various adventures being here and get closer to the lap of nature.

Addo Elephant National Park is the third largest national park in South Africa where one can enjoy many outdoor activities such as guided walking, horse-riding, hiking etc that happen to be some of the best Things to do in South Africa.

Nelson Mandela Square: Celebrate democracy

Nelson Mandela Square directly joins the famous Sandton City shopping mall and is famous as a really famous shopping and dining destinations in Gauteng. This one has a six-meter-tall statue of Nelson Mandela in the center that is a great sight for taking pictures. This statue was built after a decade of democracy in Africa and was built to celebrate that. Also, one can find many restaurants and cafes nearby.

Thus, these are some of the best places to visit in South Africa that offers the most miraculous escapes giving you the best ever life experiences on all inclusions South Africa tour packages.

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